The outdoor environment provides the space and the freedom for the type of learning that is difficult to replicate indoors. We believe all children have the right to the unique experience of learning outdoors. At Parnwell we have a mix of open space and bespoke outstanding play structures in each key phase. Each year we develop how these can be used to maximise the learning experience for all children.



Reception children are able to access the outdoor facilities throughout the school day. Children participate in adult led focus activities designed to encourage the development of the prime and specific areas of learning as well as having the freedom to explore outside. 

In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Children continue to develop key collaboration skills through working together outdoors. Children will further their understanding of their IPC topics by using the natural environment to investigate, and further, learning. Wherever possible the outdoor environment will be used to make cross curricular links, helping to secure learning through concrete experience. 

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