Lime Academy Parnwell is designated as a Community Primary School and educates children from the age of 4+ to the age of eleven.

Admissions Authority

The Local Authority, Peterborough City Council, is the admissions authority for Lime Academy Parnwell. Lime Trust Schools operate a transparent, fair admissions policy, fully consistent with the current statutory requirements of the School Admissions Code and the School Admission Appeals Code.

Pupils will be admitted at the age of 4+ without reference to ability or aptitude using the admissions criteria in place at Peterborough City Council. We celebrate diversity and difference and acknowledge the richness that this brings to our school community. We aim to provide opportunities for all children to access a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, regardless of age, attainment, ethnicity, language or background.

The academies participate in the local authority co-ordinated scheme for reception admissions and all deadlines within that should be adhered to by applicants.

Admission Number for Primary Provision (age 5)

The academies have the following agreed admission number for 2019/20:

  • 60 for pupils in Reception Year, therefore, each academy will admit a maximum of 60 children each year in the relevant age group if sufficient applications are received.

Please see the School Admission policy and Peterborough City Council's Admissions booklet for further information.

Process of Application

Arrangements for applications for places made in accordance with Peterborough City Council's co-ordinated admission arrangements:

  • Parents resident in Peterborough can apply online 
  • Parents resident in other areas must apply through their home local authority.

The Lime Trust will use Peterborough City Council's timetable for applications (dates may vary from year to year):

  • September/October/November - Each academy will provide opportunities for parents to visit;
  • By 15 January 2019 - Parents must complete the common application form (CAF) and return it to the local authority to administer and;
  • 16 April 2019 - notification of offers made to parents. 

Children are admitted in the September of the academic year in which they become 5 years of age. If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 you can apply for a Reception place for September 2019.

School process for admitting reception students

All new parents/carers are invited to an “Information Meeting” in the Summer term before their child starts school. You will learn about the pre-school visits, routines for starting school, and activities your child will be engaged in during their first term in school. You will, of course, have every opportunity to ask questions you may have concerning any aspect of your child’s first steps into school. 

During the second half of the Summer Term, you and your child will be invited into school on three hourly “Pre-school Visits”, which will be spent in the reception class. This provides an invaluable opportunity for you and your child to get to know the school and the people you will be seeing much more of in September.  Once children start in September, they will be part-time for the first week and then full time from the second week of term. However, if a child needs to continue on a part-time timetable this will be arranged between parents/carers and school.

In-year Admissions

The school year runs from September to July. A move to a different school at any time other than admission to reception, transfer to junior or transfer to secondary is known as an ‘in-year transfer’. This could be a move between Peterborough schools or a move to a Peterborough school from a school in a different area.

In-year admissions are administered by the Admissions Team at Peterborough City Council. They can be contacted on tel: 01733 864007. 

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